Is creating this type of effect possible

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2020-03-17 23:11:00

Forget the photo but is there a way to reproduce type of post production with Pixelmator pro I am really trying to get rid of Photoshop
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2020-03-18 11:31:03

Is there a name for that kind of effect? As the images are quite low res, it's difficult to make out the effect exactly and both photos have slightly different effects but I think it's mostly lots of sharpening and lots of contrast with a slight tint, at least in the second image. What kind of tools are used to create this in PS?
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2020-03-19 01:52:33

He doesn't say its Joel Grimes he uses photoshop but I am going to be canceling mine but still want the type of effect that he has
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2020-03-20 09:23:16

Looking at his work, I wouldn't say there's any one effect hat he's using, it's more a combination of techniques, including probably quite extensive retouching, with lighting (during the photoshoot) obviously playing a big part, too.