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2020-03-24 04:24:07

I have the free trial for the next 15 days. Im really trying to see what it can do and I've done some research on how the watermarks work on the Macs automator. I can't get the watermarks to work the way I want them to and if it has something to do with my current subscription, I would like to know before I buy it. Ive looked on several other threads and nothing I do seems to work. some help and insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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2020-03-24 08:43:17

Right now, you'd need to create your own effect preset with an Image or Pattern fill effect to get this to work — then, you'd need to use the Automator action "Apply effects to images".

As for creating the effect preset itself, I've previously shared some instructions right here:

https://www.pixelmator.com/community/vi ... 714#p51714

A dedicated watermarking action is something we should probably consider for the future, though!