How can I save a photo as a PNG? Using MBP 16 -2020 with Pixelmator Pro.

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2020-05-17 13:21:05

How can I save a raw photo as a PNG? ( Using MBP 16 -2020 with Pixelmator Pro). The only save option is to save as a template.

Also, purchased Pixelmator Pro yesterday. Still learning my way around and this probably is a dumb question, but when I click onto the Pix. icon I'm only taken to one of my files that I had worked on yesterday. Instead, shouldn't I be going to the Pixelmator web site?
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2020-05-18 12:19:17

In an app like Pixelmator Pro, File > Export is the menu command you should use when you want to export (i.e. save) an image to a specific format. You can learn a little more about this in the Pixelmator Help manual:

As for what should happen when you open the app — that depends on your macOS preferences, but you shouldn't be taken to any websites. If in System Preferences > General, you have the Close windows when quitting an app option turned off, your previously open documents should be restored. This is the default setting in macOS, so it's probably what's happening. If you'd rather close all your images when quitting apps, you can turn that option on.