Global "Show Original" Button

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2020-05-25 06:22:42

I notice that a "Show Original" button shows up when you adding an effect or adjusting a color. These buttons turn off that current effect or color change. Is there a button like this that will show you the original, unedited, image? I realize we can just duplicate the original image as a new layer so we can "A/B" them, but a button for doing this would be fantastic.
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2020-05-25 10:45:17

The thing with a feature like this in a layer-based image editor like Pixelmator Pro is that, quite often, you won't be working on one photo from the start — you might be working on a design, an illustration, compositing multiple images, etc. So it would be tricky to make this work naturally. So for now, you'd probably best off duplicating the original as a new layer. And, if/when we ever bring Pixelmator Photo to the Mac, it would have this, obviously.