Pixelmator Pro compatible with a Wacom Tablet?

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2020-06-05 17:11:26

I'm brand new to my new 2019 Maci9 & Pixelmator Pro. I got Pixelmator Pro primarily to edit photos in Apple Photos. I'm also interested in experimenting with a Wacom Tablet so I can edit freehand. Has anybody any experience with using Pixelmator Pro on a Mac and also using a Wacom Tablet? I don't want to spend the money buying a tablet if I can't use it with Pixelmator.

Thanks in advance,

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2020-06-08 07:12:49

Hi there, Wacom tablets do indeed work with Pixelmator Pro! In fact, tablet inputs are handled by macOS so, as long as the tablet is Mac-compatible, it will work in Pixelmator Pro. Just out of interest, what kind of edits would you be making to photos using a tablet — retouching, etc.?