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2020-06-10 09:05:03

Is there a method in PP that shows areas of an image that has been adjusted?

What I mean is this by way of an example of what I'm thinking -

1. Landscape image with tree in foreground.

2. Tree is selected for individual edit. Edit applied, such as painting in colour adjustment (or whatever).

Can the individual edit be viewed in isolation to see if any area has been missed?

Hopefully the attached image will give an idea of what I mean. Image
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2020-06-10 13:44:40

I take it you're masking in these adjustments? If so, you could do this:

1. Click to select the layer mask in the Layers sidebar
2. Choose Edit > Load Selection
3. Press the Shift-Command-N keyboard shortcut to add a new layer
4. Press the Command-Backspace keyboard shortcut to fill the layer with color (it will be filled with the current primary color)

Hope that helps!
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2020-06-10 14:19:42

Thanks Andrius - no, that's not what I mean, my apologies.

Hard to explain.

I'll try to think of a clearer question.
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2020-06-10 14:25:38

Is it just a single layer that has been edited with certain adjustments without any selections or masks? Or, if you're using selections instead of masks, then I would duplicate the original layer, make a selection and create a mask from that selection, then my method should do the job.
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2020-06-10 14:30:34

Orrrr if you're editing a single image using adjustments such as Selective Color and want to see the areas that have been changed, you could duplicate the original, unedited layer, then change the blending mode of the upper layer to Difference, and you should see the areas that have been changed. So that's one more method!