extension fails to save to icloud photo album

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2020-06-22 22:46:14

Hi there,

I'm evaluating the trial pixelmator pro version.
I was testing the extesion integration with photos app and I see that I'm not able to save the editing to my icloud library.

I select a photo, then edit, three dots and then edit in PixelMator Pro Trial.
I made the changes I need then save.
The extension tries to save the images back to my photo library (I've tried both options: "flattened result" and "preserve editing")
but then exits with:

Impossible to save the edits for "Pixelmator Pro Trial"
An error has happened during the saving. Try later.


How to solve?

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2020-06-22 23:11:32

A reboot solved the issue
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2020-06-23 14:54:55

Ah, the classic!