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2020-06-26 14:48:23

It appears that New from Photos… detaches the photo from the Photo Library. Is there a way to "reattach" a photo edited in Pixelmator Pro to the Photos Library?
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2020-06-29 09:36:13

For now, there isn't — using the Edit With feature from the Photos app will let you save your edits back to the original photo (using File > Save), so that might be a better option. But with the (relatively) recently released PhotoKit framework, we can now make it possible to save changes to original for photos opened from inside Pixelmator Pro, too. We'll do our best to add this!
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2020-06-29 14:05:58

cool, you guys are the best.
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2020-06-30 12:47:26

by imagladry cool, you guys are the best.
Aw, thanks!