Add more of the same Color Adjustments

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2020-06-29 22:01:03

Hello everyone! When you select the Color Adjustment panel, I see I can only add adjustments that aren't already there. Clicking on the name of an adjustment that is already "selected" will deselect that adjustment. How do I add another instance of the same adjustment to that panel?

My question is in regards to the Replace Color adjustment. In the past (classic), it was considered an Effect and we could add many of them, one for each color. But now, I can only replace a single color through this panel. Sometimes I need to edit graphs (such as Excel Pie Chart graphs) and I need to replace one color using an image editor since I don't have the data that generated those graphs. The replacement on Pixelmator works great, but I need to replace more colors. Is it possible?

Thank you!
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2020-06-30 12:38:50

Hey there! Right now, a layer can have one instance of a color adjustment at a time, but there is a way to get the same result as in the original Pixelmator. There, adjustments (/effects) were destructive, i.e. they were automatically merged with the image. In Pixelmator Pro, they're nondestructive, so they are kept separate from the image layer. However, after applying your adjustments, you can press and hold the Option key and click Flatten Adjustments at the bottom of the Tool Options pane. That way, the edit will be merged with the layer (like in the original Pixelmator) and you'll be able to apply the same adjustment again.

Hope that helps!
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2020-07-10 04:50:03

Thank you! Yes, that helps. But it would be nice to have multiple non-destructive adjustments too. =)
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2020-07-10 13:52:22

Agreed — that's in our plans for the future.