Explain the Photo Extensions Documents folders

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2020-07-01 04:06:53

Can someone explain the Pixelmator Pro Photo Extension folder. It is currently used 2 gig of my 5 gig iCloud drive (Please don't tell me just to get more iCloud space.) Are these file required or are they also stored within the Photos database?
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2020-07-07 16:16:25

That folder is created if you choose to save nondestructive changes made with the extension, which creates Pixelmator Pro files for each edited photo. These take up quite a lot of space as image data, when minimally compressed (which it needs to be to load quickly), takes up a lot of storage. However, you can delete those files if you don't need to retain the individual edits and need just the final edited image. In that case, you can also go to Pixelmator Pro > Preferences > Extension and turn off "Preserve nondestructive edits".
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2020-07-08 01:00:56

Thank you