How do I go back one step with the pen tool?

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2020-07-01 15:28:19

I'm new to Pixelmator Pro and I'm currently following the tutorials for the pen tool. I have to delete the whole thing if I make a mistake (which is quite often as I'm learning) and do the whole thing again from the beginning. Surely there is a way to go back one step? I can't find it anywhere or anyone mentioning how to do it. It's driving me crazy!

Also what is the difference between the 'Pen' tool in Pixelmator Pro and Adobe Illustrator? In Adobe Illustrator there is a pencil tool to draw vector shapes freehand as well as the pen tools. Is the pencil tool the same as the 'freeform pen' in Pixelmator Pro? The icons look the same but I think they are different?
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2020-07-07 16:38:56

Hey there, the easiest way to go back one step is to press the Backspace key. Command-Z doesn't work to undo individual changes when drawing paths just yet, but it's something we're planning to add! As for the Pencil tool and the Freeform Pen tool, they very similar, though in certain cases, they do work differently.