How do I unerase bits of what was deleted using magnetic selector

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2020-07-01 19:51:46


Wow! Your magnetic selector works great. Much superior to PS.

However, it's the same ol' me. After selecting then reverse selecting and deleting the background, there are a couple little bits I wish I had back.

How can I do that?

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2020-07-08 15:25:35

Hi Roy, if you've simply deleted the areas, you'd need to undo to get the image back as deleting is a destructive action. A nondestructive way of doing the same thing would be to make your selection, then Control-click the layer in the Layers sidebar and choose Add Mask. This way, a mask will be created from your selection which you can later refine (or even remove) to make the entire image appear again. You can learn more about layer masks here: ... ing-masks/
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2020-07-08 19:18:11

Ah. Great to know. Thanks so much!