Custom keyboard shortcuts

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2020-07-20 13:10:42


When I am creating sprite sheets I am using guides a lot to separate the different parts of the image visually. Unfortunately there is no predefined keyboard shortcut for adding a new guide (View > Guides > Add Guide). How can I define a keyboard shortcut for this or any other action?

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2020-08-11 14:03:53

Hey Chris, apologies for the super late reply! You can create custom keyboard shortcuts using the steps outlined in this tutorial: ... shortcuts/

And, if the rulers are visible, you can also double-click a ruler to bring up the Add Guide sheet. Or you can also drag out guides from rulers. I quite like both these methods for quickly adding guides!
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2020-08-12 14:05:43


thank you for your advice. I did not know that you can set custom keyboard shortcuts for any application in Keyboard Preferences. That is very helpful.