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2020-08-15 16:58:13

Hi! I'm a new french member so, please excuse my english.

I did'nt find how to suppress the grid attraction in Pixelmator Pro. I've defined the pitch as 1 px but I'm not very satisfied with this. Is there an other solution ?
Thanks for your answers
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2020-08-18 09:13:53

Hi Claude.

You can turn the grid on and off. Use View > Hide Grid (Opt-Cmd-') to hide the grid. When the grid isn't visible, Pixelmator Pro won't snap to it.

If you want to keep the grid visible but don't want to snap to it right now, hold down Cmd while you are dragging the mouse and Pixelmator Pro will stop snapping to things while you are holding Cmd (don't hold Cmd before you start dragging because a Cmd-click might mean something different, depending on context).

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2020-08-18 09:50:14

Thank you very much Stef for your very clear and helpful answer.
I did'nt find how to proceed in the Pixelmator Pro help and thanks to you I'm going to be a little more expert.
Great !