Using Replace Color....

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2020-08-19 23:10:17

..and also other color changes:
I get them to work once on a layer, but if I want to do another color change, I lose the first one. How do I fix one application of a color replace, and then do an entirely different one without losing the first one?
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2020-08-21 09:42:32

The easiest way would probably be to flatten (merge) your changes with the image. To do that, you'd need to Control-click whichever layer it is you're editing in the Layers sidebar, then choose Color Adjustments > Flatten Adjustments. If you'd like to keep the adjustments editable (i.e. you need a nondestructive workflow), you could group the layer, and then apply another Replace Color adjustment to the group. If you need another adjustment, you could again group the layer, and apply another Replace Color adjustment to the new group.

Hope that helps!
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2020-08-21 18:50:57

Thanks Andrius,
It works!