Increase size of viewed image in MacOS Photos?

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2020-08-21 13:41:14

I use Pixelmator Pro as my primary image editor in Photos, but I cannot figure out if there's a way to increase the viewed image size once Pixelmator opens an image within Photos for editing. If this is possible, please tell me how to do it; if not, can that be added to the app in the future?

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2020-08-24 08:09:51

Hey Jan, I believe you're looking to zoom in/out while editing using the Pixelmator Pro extension in Photos, is that right? If so, you can:

– Pinch to zoom in or out (if you're using a trackpad)
– Scroll the image while pressing and holding the Option key (if you're using a mouse or trackpad)
– Use the Command-plus and Command-minus keyboard shortcuts
– Use the Zoom tool (you can find it at the bottom of the list of tools in the Tools sidebar or select it by pressing the Z key on your keyboard)

Hope that helps!
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2020-08-24 13:44:35

Perfect! Thank you. I would have thought this would be part of the View command, but this works.
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2020-08-24 14:43:30

While in the extension, the menus belong to the Photos app and Pixelmator Pro cannot 'replace' them, so that's why those commands stop working. Maybe we'll get this capability in the future!