Auto Enhance AppleScript 100% quality export

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2020-08-25 10:16:58

Hey Leopold, sure, I'd be happy to! Here's a link to download the example script: ... -HEIC.scpt


This particular script prompts you for the files to process and the export location each time and exports the files, adding "-enhanced" to the end of the file name. If there are any things about the script you'd like to customize, feel free to try it yourself and, if you bump into any issues, don't hesitate to ask me for help!
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2020-09-12 23:51:11

Hi, Andrius!

Could you please show an example for the tasks below using a HEIC picture from iPhone?

1) Resize the image to 1080 x 1080px using the "AM Super Resolution". I think the method used by Automator is "Bilinear";

2) Apply Effects to Image (I am using it to insert a watermark);

3) "Export to the web" in the JPG format and with 80% quality. I mean the same feature inside the Pixelmator Pro: it removes the metadata, for example, geographic coordinates.

The steps 1 and 2 I could do them using automator. Maybe the #1 was not "AM Super Resolution".

The step #3 I was unable to do.

Thank you.