How do does a layer get to be designated "Preview"

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2020-09-08 18:22:25


Am enjoying Pixelmator.

When I use CMD+T to stretch a text box of multiple colors, they all become a single color.

But I noticed a text layer of 2 colors brought in from PS is designated Preview and can be stretched without the colors changing. Is there some way I can effect that in PP without having to bring in via PS?

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2020-09-09 09:12:24

Hey Roy, for now, when converting a text layer into a shape, the colors of individual letters, unfortunately, aren't preserved. This (text to shape conversion) is what happens when you stretch a text layer using the Transform tool. When opening PSD files, text layers may be converted to pixels as those layers may not necessarily be displayed the same way in Pixelmator Pro due to the different settings that may be used to customize it. For that reason, there's one image (pixel) version of the text layer and there will also be a hidden layer with the text itself underneath. But when you transform the pixel layer, no further conversion happens and the colors are preserved.

With all that in mind, there are two things you can do to get around this:

1. Separate your text layer into individual text layers with all the differently colored letters on their own layers, group them, then transform the group
2. Convert the text layer into pixels before transforming it (to do that, select the text layer and choose Format > Convert into Pixels)

The first option would give you better quality while the second is quicker and easier

Hope that helps!
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2020-09-11 13:48:47

Thank you!