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2020-09-11 13:55:21


How can Iincrease space between paragraphs in a text box?

I could just create a new text box and would do that all the time except I've also highlighted the line above where I want to increase space, then changed the Line Height and that worked. But only sometimes, which is strange.

So I was thinking maybe there's a process to make it happen that I've only accidentally stumbled onto before.

Any ideas?

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2020-09-11 15:10:21

As Pixelmator Pro doesn't currently have a paragraph spacing setting, you'd basically have to adjust the line height of one empty "paragraph" to get the same effect. In this case, you'd need to make sure you're selecting from the lower paragraph into the empty line and adjust the line height of that empty, single-line paragraph. The easiest way to achieve this that I can think of is:

1. Put the I-beam at the very beginning of a paragraph
2. While holding the Shift key, press the Up arrow key to select the empty paragraph
3. Adjust the line height setting while that part of the text is selected

Hope that helps!
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2020-09-11 15:12:04

Oh, I should add this will only work when there's an extra line break between paragraphs because the line height setting is associated with entire paragraphs rather than individual lines, so you need that empty 'paragraph' for this to work.