Precise selections

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2020-09-21 04:31:05

When one is adjusting the size of a simple selection (i.e. rectangular), a box appears showing the width and height of the selection being made. Is there any way to simply enter the desired dimensions rather than dragging at a corner or side of the selection? As it is, it is almost impossible to make a precise selection, as when one removes one fingers from the track pad, the size changes, sometime just by a pixel or two. Eventually one can get it right but it can take a lot of time. I'm hoping there's a trick I've overlooked which would allow one to enter the desired size of a selection.
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2020-09-21 08:06:12

Yep, if you Control-click a selection, you can choose Transform Selection and then enter a specific width/height in the Size section of the Transform tool's options.