How do I make white background transparent?

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2020-09-21 14:04:35

I've got an image which includes text and a picture on a white background. I'd like to make all of the background transparent, including the white spaces within the letters. If I use the Select Color tool, it doesn't select the white spaces within the letters. How can I get those parts, too?

I want to print this image on a t-shirt. Removing all elements of the background would be very useful to let the t-shirt color be the new background.

I am very new to this, so all required steps would be very helpful. Thanks!
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2020-09-22 09:20:04

Hey there, the Color Selection tool makes contiguous selections based on color. For non-contiguous selections, you can choose Edit > Select Color Range from the Edit menu at the top of your screen. A Select Color Range button is also available at the bottom of the Tool Options pane when the Color Selection tool is active.

To learn more about selecting color ranges, you can also check out the relevant section of the user guide:

Pixelmator Pro User Guide – Select precise areas of an image

Hope that helps, but feel free to follow up with any more questions you might have!
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2020-09-22 22:53:23

Yay! That worked! Thank you very much!