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2021-03-05 11:46:02

In Pixelmator Pro the menu item 'Save As...' is not available under the tab File. However, in case I use the Help option and type in 'save as', I do see that the function is available in Pixelmator Pro, and automaticaly even shown as menu item under 'Save'.

I would very much like to add the menu item 'Save As..' permanently in the menu.

Is there a way to do that?

Your advise is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and with kind regards,
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2021-03-05 12:22:06

Hi, Herman! This behavior is native to all iWork apps — the "Save As" option becomes available in the File menu when holding down the Option key on your keyboard. When creating copies of documents, duplication is typically expected, so "Save As" is hidden by default.
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2021-03-05 12:41:41

GREAT Aurelija,

I never knew this effect of holding the down the Option key. This morning I had a Personal Session with an Apple employee and I asked the same question, he didn't know the answer. You do, I take my hat off for you.

Thanks for your reply, very helpful.

Kind regards,
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2021-03-05 13:30:57

Why, thank you! I'm glad I could help.