Impossible to open photos batches in raw format

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2021-03-09 03:26:58

my laptop dies slowly! I hope that one day you can improve so many necessary things, when I try to open several files in raw the program doesn't respond
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2021-03-09 10:46:11

If you haven't already, could you email us about this at Your Mac specs and a few sample photos might help us figure out what's going on here.
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2021-03-09 15:53:10

I reinstall the program and not responding

an optimization is urgent to edit raw format, a filmstrip to be able to copy and paste adjustments to photos batches

here my mac specs


And another thing that I noticed was that my storage was filling up every time each photo was opened, I don't know if is the cache memory, but this has never happened to me just by opening a raw file with not editing on photoshop.

what can I do?

I appreciate your help

Thank you
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2021-03-15 15:22:16

I saw you got back to us via email, thanks! I've included the steps to collecting a spindump report in my response as I suspect this could be a memory-related issue. The devs could probably comment more on this after they've taken a closer look at the report.