Cropping section of photo to a specific size?

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2021-07-29 10:34:53

Maybe I’m being dense, but . .

I have an image 3000 x 2400 pixels

I want to crop a section of that image image to a specific size of 1000 x 700

I select the crop tool, choose custom size, and enter 1000 and 700 and the crop area is shown on the mage

I select the the crop area and drag it to expand it to include the area of the image that I want cropped to 1000 x 700, and press my return key

the image is cropped, but *in scale* to my desired 1000 x 680 size, not to the actual size

What am I missing?
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2021-08-01 09:06:15

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2021-08-15 07:53:37

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2021-08-19 07:56:13

Hi, apologies for the late reply! Our support team was on a break these past few weeks but we're back now and will do our best to get back to everyone in the coming days. I was just testing the Crop tool based on the steps you've provided but couldn't really produce the same results. I might be missing something. If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you could share a recording of your steps at Thanks in advance!
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2021-09-03 18:17:14

OK, thanks. Done that now.
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2021-09-07 14:27:24

So, sadly it appear not. Aurelija's workaround, for those in a similar position is . .

1. Apply the desired crop to your image first. Make sure "Delete cropped pixels" options is deselected to keep the crop nondestructive

2. Click Apply

3. Using the Arrange tool, resize and position the image to show the area of an image you want