New Update 2.1.4 Coral

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2021-09-15 17:38:52


I noticed on Instagram that there's been an update to PP, but my version is still at 2.1.3 with no update showing in the app store?
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2021-09-15 17:57:18

Open App Store and go menu->Store->Reload page. It should appear.
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2021-09-17 09:56:26

Signing out of the Mac App Store, then signing back in is another troubleshooting option you can try. :pray:
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2021-09-18 09:18:06

Thanks all. Sorted.

Am I going daft, but didn't updates used to be automatic?
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2021-09-18 14:36:09

by bogheadben 2021-09-18 07:18:06 … , but didn't updates used to be automatic?
No - you have to specify at macOS->Preferences->Softwareupdate= check: Install Updates from App Store
(I prefer manually updating for safety/workflow reason)