Layer Opacity

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2017-12-26 23:15:38

Trying out Pro and can't seem to find how to adjust the opacity of layer. Could somehow give me a pointer to do to do this?

Thanks very much.
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2017-12-29 18:36:58

Hey Tom, I'm really liking PMP too and don't expect it to match Photoshop feature for feature, but this surprised me. I can only find an inconvenient way of doing this. I add a mask and then, through trial and error, keep filling it with shades of gray until I get the opacity I need. I was hoping they would have a simple slider like those found in other apps including Luminar 2018. Hope this helps until they come up with an easier way. Ken
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2017-12-30 14:17:17

I found it! The Style tool at the top of the tools list on the right hand side. At the top of the options is the opacity slider.