Rotate the angle of a layer

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2017-12-29 05:59:49

Just upgraded to Pixelmator Pro, and I'm impressed! A sizable leap forward, but sometimes to be even better, it's worth looking back to see what worked well.

This is about rotating a layer by a small number of degrees, not brute rotating by 90 degrees. I would like Pixelmator Pro to have the same capability as Pixelmator, in which one could enter negative numbers in order to rotate to the left, instead of positive numbers (so, for example, rotate -1.5 degrees to the left instead of rotating 358.5 degrees to the right). This capability seems to have gone lost in the transition to Pixelmator Pro. Sounds minor, but I use Pixelmator for that a LOT, so it is not minor to me. Also, when entering these numbers, Pixelmator would allow me to, for example, put in 1.5, see the result in real time, hit backspace (now the entry box would read 1.), type 6 (now it reads 1.6), and so on, until I got the angle just right. With Pixelmator Pro, it does not show the result until I hit Enter, and if I want to change the number, I have to click in the box and enter the entire number again instead of just the digit I want to change. So: put in 1.5, hit Enter to see the result, move hand to mouse, click entry value, move hand back to keyboard, type 1.6, hit Enter to see the result, etc. Again: sounds minor, but when this is something you do over and over and over, you really notice the difference in behavior between the two Pixelmators.

And while I'm wishing for the moon, one more thing: any way to have the option to put the tools on the left?

Pixelmator is a great program. I am all in on Pixelmator Pro, but hope those little things can be adjusted to allow for all those (bad?) habits users have developed over time in Pixelmator. Thanks for any attention to the matter, and keep up the fantastic work!