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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-06-05 12:27:00

HI all,

I'm trying to design logos. Would be very useful, have the option to curve text. Now I can't make all the design using Pixelmator Pro for this reason.

I don't know how difficult could be add this utility, because I found it in free IOS apps, and I think is very useful for every one.

If exists any way to do this right now, I'll be very pleased if you can explain to me how to make it.

Thanks in advance!
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2018-06-05 16:11:28

Curved text is one of the most requested features and the team has it high on their list for one of the upcoming pro releases.
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2018-06-09 11:05:56

With all due respect, what is taking them so long? This feature has been requested since 2012 - it's not rocket science.
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2019-07-25 05:37:17

Yeeeah the new Pixelmator pro is bought and downloaded. Still no bent circular text
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2019-07-29 14:40:19

As I posted elsewhere, we'll get there. Eventually...