Non-rectangular crop

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2018-11-29 01:47:47

No sure whether this is a feature request or a help request about an existing feature, but I would like to do trapezoidal cropping for perspective correction of captured papers or paintings.

Let's say I captured with my phone a painting on a wall not completely front on. Then I want to crop along the frame of the painting resulting in the normal rectangular painting after the the crop.

This is kind of the opposite of Pixelmator's Perspective transformation I know of: The Perspective transformation starts with a rectangle and distorts it into a trapezoid or similar while my Non-rectangular crop starts with the trapezoid.

Does thisalready exist?
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2018-11-29 10:26:31

A feature like this doesn't currently exist in Pixelmator Pro, but if you first correct the perspective of the image using the Perspective Transform effect and later crop the corrected version, you should get the result you're looking for — I guess the only downside is having to manually create a rectangle by moving the points in a somewhat unintuitive way, whereas the tool you'd like would let you specify which points should be moved to form a rectangle. Which does sound pretty useful for things like this, so we'll keep it in mind!
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2018-11-29 23:46:54

Thanks Andrius! Yep, this kind of crop would be really handy for "flatten" paintings, etc. Let's hope the people from the Pixelmator dev team find time to implement it soon.