removes backgrounds using AI and ML

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-12-20 11:10:28

Stumbled upon this, works quite well, could be something to do in Pixelmator Pro since it's already have ML-stuff?

edit: click API up in the right corner and make it happen!
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2018-12-20 14:14:40

Definitely possible, though maybe it shouldn't be ahead of a few other features we'd like to introduce. Still, we'll keep this in mind.
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2018-12-20 20:43:38

Wow, that would be a really amazing feature!
To edit my curly wife hair is a nightmare. That would be awesome.

Please implement this next year...
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2019-03-11 17:58:41

Totally would be a GREAT feature to have in Pixelmator Pro. Placing a different background in Pixelmator is a hassle.
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2019-06-05 03:04:05

I think pixelmator should have's functions. Pixelmator should not be ahead of it. AI is a very common algorithm that many algorithm engineers can implement.

I tried a picture, but it has some flaws in its ability to remove the background.


image from: PNGKEY

So, I think there are still many flaws in their AI technology.
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2021-04-05 06:33:03