Lens adjustment or Adjust perspective

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2019-01-08 20:34:59

I see the Format > Effects > Other > Perspective Transform but it seems inaccurate for image adjustments such as tall buildings leaning in at the top. Is this the only tools for this correction? Straight edit lines instead of the 'rope' might help. Thanks.
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2019-01-09 09:36:55

For the time being, that's the only tool, but one of the things we're working on right now is a Transform command for exactly this purpose. It's lined up for one of the next few updates after 1.3.
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2019-01-09 16:47:25

That's great. Thanks for the update. The current tool could work but is fiddly. Guidelines would help (maybe the side of the frame but a new tool would be very good.
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2020-01-17 07:56:19

Is this part of the current version or still planned for coming updates, please?
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2020-01-17 08:58:55

Which feature, perspective correction or lens distortion correction? If we're talking about a Transform tool for more accurate perspective correction, then that was indeed added (in version 1.3.4).

As for lens distortion correction — we use the Apple RAW engine for base RAW decoding and lens distortions are corrected automatically for lens profiles supported by that engine. A manual tool is in development but that has been pushed back as we have plans to add a few more adjustments and make some fundamental changes to improve a few other adjustments, so it would be better to first release those changes.
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2020-01-17 09:00:23

Oh, my apologies, I see lens distortion correction isn't actually mentioned — feel free to ignore that part of the answer!