Editing exif metadata

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2019-01-11 19:09:23

I've found that using the batch process strips my original metadata from my RAW files. Is there any way to preserve the data, or does anyone have a workaround for batch editing this data after changing the files to .pxd?
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2019-01-14 09:45:52

Hey there, I think we're already in touch with you about this, but just in case anyone else has a similar issue, metadata isn't visible in the Finder for PXD files, but it's still in the file. If you convert the files to JPEG afterward, you'll see the metadata in the Finder app.
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2019-01-16 23:06:55

Yes, I can confirm that once the files are converted to jpeg the metadata is still intact. Thanks again for the help!
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2019-08-21 06:29:25

Yes, how to edit EXIF data of an image? Can anybody tell? If the feature is not available in the existing version. Kindly, make available in upcoming updates.
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2019-08-23 09:35:10

Hi Vinjay, this feature isn't available at this time, but it's already on our feature request list, so we'll consider it for future updates.