Sunbeam Enhancement Request

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-02-01 04:26:07

I like would like to use a smaller sun radius (70px) with a striation radius of more than 1000%.
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2019-02-04 15:44:45

This effect is part of Core Image, so it's basically built into macOS and the settings that come with it aren't necessarily determined by us. Therefore, it's not particularly likely that we'll be able to adjust its settings, but I'll add this to our feature request list and we'll, of course, see what we can do!
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2019-02-04 16:58:37

Is there a way then to have a small radius for the sun with large light rays/striation?
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2019-02-05 10:29:04

I've tried experimenting with this, but it looks like the rays are dependent on the radius of the sun, so, unfortunately, this isn't possible...