Smudge brushes?

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-02-21 19:00:20

In the original Pixelmator the smudge tool had access to the same brushes as the paintbrush. In Pixelmator Pro smudging seems to be limited to one basic brush with only softness and strength adjustments. Is the support for smudge brushes something that is planned? As it stands now the implementation in the original Pixelmator is far superior. Thanks for the great apps!
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2019-02-22 15:50:15

This isn't on the roadmap for the immediate future, but I've added it to our feature request list. Just out of interest, what kind of brushes do you like using most with the smudge tool in the original Pixelmator? And what kind of results are you usually looking to get?
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2019-02-26 18:50:55

I use the finger smudge, the paintbush smudge, and the water smudge extensively on my iPad! That's one of the reasons I bought the desktop version - so I could really control my favorite aspects of the smudge options. I'm a little disappointed there's just the one.

With the full set of options, I could create and layer all sorts of really awesome textures, especially when compositing graphics to look like brushing paintings or warped watercolors. I hope you add those options soon!

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2019-03-01 20:10:15

I find with the textured brushes in Pixelmator (original) I can blend two values with the smudge tool while painting. With the smudge tool in Pro which has the fixed soft brush it *moves* the paint instead of blending it. Even using the softness setting and using just the edge of the brush it still doesn't really blend very well. To me it doesn't offer a good facsimile of smudging or blending on paper/paint. Hope this explanation makes sense. Thanks!
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2019-03-04 16:11:08

Thanks for the feedback guys, we'll keep it in mind moving forward!