Layers and transparency

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2019-04-02 00:57:40

Layers, using styles in order to obtain transparency, too convoluted. Should be a simpler way of choosing a transparent layer. I thought all layers were supposed to be transparent by default. On my package that is not so. I have to choose 'Style' and then reduce opacity in order to obtain transparency. And why 'preserve transparency' option? Surely that should be a given once you create a transparent layer?
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2019-04-02 12:07:45

You and I see transparency very differently. Here’s hoping the following will help.
When I create a new layer in Pixelmator Pro, the layer has 100% opacity but every pixel in the layer is completely transparent. That way when I draw on it, what I draw shows up in the image.
Preserve transparency keeps the transparency of a pixel while allowing you to change the colour of the pixel. Try this:
1. Create a new layer. Call it bob.
2. With Preserve Transparency off draw a red fish on layer bob.
3. Turn Preserve Transparency on.
4. On layer bob, scribble in blue over your red fish.
You should notice that the blue colour does not change the outline of the fish. It simply recolours the red pixels. The transparency of the pixels has been preserved.
Hope this helps and that I have understood you correctly.
P.S. Oh, and if you want to quickly change the transparency of a layer, an opacity slider was added to the bottom of the layers panel of Pixelmator Pro a few versions back.
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2019-04-02 21:08:40

Thank you for your help. I'm new to Pixelmator Pro and obviously wasn't looking at it properly. Besides what I wrote about layers, I think Pixelmator Pro is a great application. Thank you for your P.S. - I totally missed that!
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2019-04-02 21:42:26

No worries. Glad to help.