Arrow keys to increment numeric values

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-04-12 18:42:11


Photoshop, Sketch, and other Pro apps let you increment font sizes, etc. using arrow up and arrow down keys on the keyboard. It would be great if this worked in Pixelmator Pro!
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2019-04-15 11:44:09

We use the default text field behavior in macOS for cases like this but we'll think about adding this!
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2021-04-14 09:32:47

Any updates about this feature? I was unpleasantly surprised that it's missing in the Pixelmator Pro.
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2021-04-14 15:42:27

Also, if you're ever to walk away from the standard MacOS text input field - in addition to up/down arrows making numeric values +/-1, why not implement basic arithmetic functions! Try it in Figma, it's incredible. E.g. I can change "2560" to "2560/2" then hit Enter and it becomes 1280. Handy!
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2021-04-14 15:48:55

Vladstudio, yes, the arithmetic would be very handy!

As a developer, I also want to use variables in input fields, and an additional tool where I can create these variables and change their values.