Array Tool - Advanced duplicate

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-06-21 17:30:35

Could a simple tool be used to duplicate existing layers by parameters ? Make the final result as visible realtime ? if it possible...
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2019-06-27 14:32:44

I take it you have quite a bit of experience with 3D apps. I'd say this one (at least as a separate tool) is beyond the scope of Pixelmator Pro. But it's now on the feature request list nonetheless.
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2019-06-27 15:25:06

Yes, I do a lot with 3D and real-time systems, besides I take pictures and draw textures. I've worked on testing and developing programs, so my experience after 20 years is that there are a lot of good photo editor applications, many good vector programs, and many terrible cad applications. In many cases, a 3D graphic artist needs everything ... but there is no program that combines vector and raster solutions. (I dare not dream about the cad ...) except Photoshop (there is a vector set that can already be used)

I think it would be useful and popular if they didn't make a separate vectornator program. It is much more unique and it would be better to be able to meet several expectations at the same time. Otherwise, there would only be another rider just next to the old ones. (photoshop-illustrator affinity photo-designer gimp-inkscape) There should be no more programs to learn and buy, this would be a huge benefit.

I know sometimes things that seem like little things are going to be a huge development, and I think they have their own plans, but I think your software is very good and could easily become a versatile graphics tool. It could be a real treasure.

 I will be happy to share my comments if you are interested.