Vector Mask

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-07-06 08:49:37

It would be important to be able to make vector-based masks. That is, you can use the vector tools for mask layer drawing.

It is also disturbing that if the mask is active, it often does not behave as a separate layer. It also uses the image below, so you can't fill a selection.
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2019-07-06 08:57:58

A cliping mask would be a good function, but not very logical. Why is the mask under the layer? why not put it over the picture? It is not visible which mask layer is associated with the original image.
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2019-07-13 10:47:25

Hi Cybaeidae.

I see you've found clipping masks. I find them confusing too but think that they have been implemented that way because they pre-date Pixelmator and that's the way they've always been done. I try to think of the bottom layer as a piece of paper or card that's been cut out to a shape and the top as some paint that I apply to it. That helps me remember the order. It also helps understand how clipping masks work. The bottom layer not only supplies transparency information but also a base. If you were to have a transparent area in your top layer the base colour would show through. The same isn't true of masks (of the non-clipping variety) where that area would be transparent.

If you're not keen on clipping masks, there is a quick way to import a vector shape into a pixel mask.
1. Cmd-click on the image of the vector shape in the layers panel (or select the shape in the layers panel and use Edit > Load Selection). This will load the vector shape as a selection.
2. Right click on the layer you want to mask and select Add Mask. This will add a mask in the shape of the active selection.
3. Hide the vector shape if you don't need it any more.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
P.S. +1 for the idea of a vector mask, though. I think it has been mentioned on the forums before and I'm in favour. Not with a high priority, though as the alternatives work pretty well for me.
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2019-08-23 21:27:48

I was searching in this forum for vector mask info and came across this thread. I'm also +1 for vector masks.