Command Repeat / Smart Duplicate

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-07-07 18:57:21

There is a solution in many programs that if a layer or shape is duplicated, use the transformation changes in the next duplication.

So you can easily create simple things ... no need for complex array tools. However, something like this should definitely be. Very tiring to do it several times. For example, place 10 squares next to each other exactly.

Now the duplication is fine. It is a hateful thing to duplicate something and move it. Therefore, a separate command should be used for this.

I don't know, I'm telling you well? Understandable? My English is a bit weak ... so I apologize.
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2019-07-15 15:43:54

It's all good — I think I understood what you mean. Do you have any examples of any apps with a feature like this?
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2019-07-15 17:27:43

Yes, of course.
This is not perfect, but a good example. Something like this should be a quick and easy solution first, and later a complex parametric Array dialog.
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2019-07-17 08:40:57

Great, thanks for that!
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2019-07-17 10:27:04

It is important that this will appear as a separate function, not developing existing duplication. (because it's as good as it is now)
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2019-11-04 19:55:24

Yes, please - this is an essential time-saver.

In the old classic Fireworks app, you could select an image or shape, hold down OPTION and it would magically duplicate. Then, to repeat the duplication with the same spacing, you would use COMMAND + Y, and it would smart duplicate as many times as you need.

Affinity also has this 'smart duplicate' feature.
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2020-09-22 12:40:46

Also waiting for this feature!
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2021-02-04 11:49:02

waiting for this feature! . ! . ! . ! . . . . so much !
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2021-02-05 16:44:46

For now, that's a feature for the longer-term future but we'll keep in mind that there's definitely a demand for it!
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2021-02-06 06:11:02

That’s a cool feature, I needed that once, I didn’t know it exists
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2021-02-24 11:29:49

+1 vote for the feature!
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2021-04-11 01:37:11

+1 for this. Something similar to SketchUp (hold option to duplicate > drag shape > drop shape > type command [3X] duplicates action 3 times)