Color adjustments in batch processing

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2019-08-04 07:00:58

Using Automator and ML Enhance produces wonderful results batch processing RAW photos. Will there be a way to apply custom color adjustments to all the images passed through the work flow? For instance, I would love to save the color adjustments for a particular image and store it as a preset for later use in a work flow. Even the ability to have ML Enhance applied to a single image then use the values generated across the remaining images processed in Automator would make me estatic. I work with hundreds of RAW photos to create a single time lapse so the ability to apply identical color adjustments to each image is important to prevent unwanted flickering and consistency in the final sequence.
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2019-08-12 16:48:44

Hi Ross, this is already possible — if you create a custom color adjustment preset in Pixelmator Pro, you can use it within Automator. The action is called Apply Color Adjustments to Images. What's more, if you open your 'base' photo in Pixelmator Pro and apply ML Enhance to it, then save the adjustments as a preset, you can apply those specific ML Enhance values from that photo to many others using the aforementioned Apply Color Adjustments to Images action.

Hope that helps!