Paint along a vector line/bezier curve.

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-09-03 15:12:41

Hi Pixelmator,

Would it be possible for a future iteration of Pixelmator Pro to include the ability to change the stroke of a vector curve to allow painting along that curve? Essentially using the paintbrush to paint along a curve with various paintbrush types.
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2019-09-03 15:17:58

Even better, might be to allow the user to edit/create their own vector shape to be repeatable along the stroke of the vector curve. That would enable the power for the user to customize the stroke type for themselves and retain the vector without creating pixels. For example the user could create an "X" shape that is repeatable along the vector stroke and the spacing could even be editable too.
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2019-09-04 11:51:26

A "Stroke Path" feature similar to the one in Photoshop is a possibility and has been requested in the past. We're definitely open to the idea and could add this together with some other improvements to the Paint tool. The second suggestion is more suited to a vector-based painting/illustration app so it's probably out of the scope of Pixelmator Pro but once we improve the vector tools, we can reconsider it.
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2019-09-04 12:23:36

Thanks for the response Andrius and I appreciate you thinking of improvements. I'm loving using Pixelmator Pro! It's a great app with lots of potential and power!
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2019-09-04 12:46:52

Glad to hear it, Jeff, we're excited to make Pixelmator Pro better and better!
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2020-07-01 18:58:55

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2021-03-27 18:24:30

I would gladly join this thread. The request is extremely interesting and useful! Please add a function like this!