Two images side by side for cloning jobs

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-09-13 12:05:11


I would like to clone something from one image to the next. Could be very useful at times. Is there a way in Pixelmator Pro to align images side by side, define the origin in one image and clone onto the other image?

This is possible in Photoshop Elements, but I don't like that software, being too heavy.

Happy weaving!
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2019-09-15 08:18:19


I guess my feature request isnt that far of yours?

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2019-09-17 10:56:58

Interesting idea! For now, you could create a document with both images side by side on a large canvas on separate layers, then use the Clone tool with Sample All Layers turned on to clone from one image to the other. Does that sound like it might work?
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2019-09-17 11:21:10

Thanks, Andrius! I will give it a try and get back!
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2019-09-17 12:21:19

Great, looking forward to hearing how it goes!
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2019-09-19 10:13:16

Hello, Andrius!

I have now been trying your suggestion and it did work. However, the drawback is that the finished image is on top of a large canvas. Getting it away from the canvas and back to the image it was, on its own layer, its original size... No, too complicated. The best solution is to be able to put two individual images side by side, on their own layers and being able to clone between them. Just like it is possible to have the colour picker to pick colours from everywhere, not only from the open image.
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2019-09-20 15:16:28

How about if you copy the target layer after you finish cloning and choose File > New > Clipboard? That should give you the finished image in its own document and seems relatively simple.