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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-09-14 15:03:02

I've discussed this before, but I think it would be very handy if the sharpen tool went higher than 100%. I scan a lot of negatives and slides and the recommended sharpening is usually about 150%. I know I can add 2 sharpen tools, but it would be easier (and faster) to adjust just one tool. The sharpen tool also always defaults to 2.5 px and 50%. Is there anyway to change this default value? Thanks!
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2019-09-17 12:20:22

Hey Max, I think it's possible for us to make the Sharpen tool go higher than 100%, we'll look into it. As for defaults — that also wouldn't be especially tricky to add, it could probably go into the adjustment's pop-up menu. I'll add these to the feature request list!
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2019-09-17 14:30:32

Thanks! I really appreciate how responsive you are to customer requests.
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2019-09-17 15:05:14

And we really appreciate requests and feedback, so thanks for taking the time to share them!