Lightness automator action?

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2019-10-05 15:16:20

I really like using the ML Enhance Automator action on my files. However, I've found that for a lot of my images just using the White Balance and Lightness Color adjustments works great. There is already a White Balance Automator action, could you create a Lightness action? I could then combine the two actions into a single workflow. Thanks!
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2019-10-07 08:41:38

That's a very logical suggestion and is certainly possible. I'll add this to our feature request list!
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2019-11-20 19:03:53

Thanks again for the latest update! Still looking for a Lightness action, any new automator actions in the works?
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2019-11-21 15:24:47

A Lightness action isn't in the works, though you may see some other automation improvements which would cover this workflow (but everything is in very early stages, so no promises...) Either way, more actions would be nice to have, it's just that this is more in our plans rather than in the works.
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2019-11-21 16:17:42

Sounds good! I really appreciate how hard you all work to continually improve Pixelmator Pro.