SVG group transform support

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2019-10-05 18:21:02

I see I can create groups for SVG shapes and rotate/position them. But there is no way to set a rotation/translation/scaling for a group.

If I open a svg with a transformation like this:
<g id="gr2" transform="rotate(10 10 10)">
it will be lost after exporting as an SVG as now you bake this transformation in a corresponding shape path.

It'd be quite useful to be able to keep, edit and save rotation/translation/scaling for groups. It'd allow to set simpler paths and allow to rotate a group shape with setting rotation for a group. That's required in Android animated SVGs as setting transformation to a group is the only option to show SVG animation.

VectorDrawable example: ... _alarm.xml
AnimatedVectorDrawable example: ... _alarm.xml
A great article about this topic: ... iques.html
SVG transform example: ... /transform
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2019-10-07 08:55:14

Hey there, thanks for the feature request! Right now, I can't say how likely it is that we'll add support for this but it's now on the feature request list and has been passed on to the devs!