Automatic switch between dark and light mode

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2019-10-16 07:12:13


With Catalina it’s now possible to have an automatic mode on which switches between dark and light mode. Is this feature possible to implement it in Pixelmator Pro? Thanks
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2019-10-16 08:36:34

This feature has been there in Pixelmator Pro since day 1 (of light mode), actually – if you go to Pixelmator Pro preferences and select 'Set appearance automatically', it will change along with your macOS appearance.
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2019-10-17 19:15:14

Thanks Andrius. I have looked into it. The automatic feature dont adjust to Catalinas automatic feature as far is I could see in the morning it was white while my dock was dark...
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2019-10-18 16:10:53

And is the automatic feature in Catalina working for you? In general, when changing to Auto, Pixelmator Pro changed to both light and dark mode for me. But that's only when I set an exact time in Night Shift and went back to General settings to change appearance. When I set Night Shift to a specific time, the OS didn't switch appearance exactly at that time without me going to System Preferences and clicking Auto again so I couldn't check the feature organically... If this still isn't working, could you email us at
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2019-10-19 22:31:21

Oh, I had the automatic wallpaper switch on. But not the appearance. Everything is working fine. Thanks