Will this colour picker feature return?

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-10-25 12:54:10

I use the original Pixelmator a lot as a daily driver for drawing, but there's been a few rough edges attempting to migrate to Pro.


For example this one where it's become harder to quickly view the colour values of something on the page (e.g. check whether or not if I've drawn a slightly different shade from the one I have selected).
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2019-10-28 12:50:14

The Color Picker tool will indeed return to Pixelmator Pro — it's in our plans for one of the upcoming bigger updates.
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2019-11-10 05:20:23

In your update, would you make a 3 × 3 average option?

Individual pixels’ color fluctuate widely, where I really just want the color my eye is seeing. Cheers, gang.
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2019-11-11 10:01:25

Yes, we'd add at least what we had in the original Pixelmator, if not a few more things.
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2019-11-11 23:32:39

Yes Color Picker tool, please