Simple shortcut for smart duplicate

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-11-04 20:05:46

A critical timesaver would be the ability to smart duplicate by clicking and dragging an image or shape, holding down the 'OPTION' button.

Then, once the image or shape has been duplicated, simply use the shortcut COMMAND + Y to repeat the duplication, with equal spacing, as many times as the user requires.

This is an essential feature that most other graphics apps seem to have, with slightly different shortcuts.
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2019-11-07 13:27:32

Just a heads-up — something similar has been requested in the past, but I've added your request separately to our feature request list. We'll consider it!
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2019-11-14 09:04:33

Thanks. - would be great.

The other thing is really being able to easily surround-select layers and objects using the 'V' tool.

When creating multiple elements in a single artboard, it becomes crazy laborious to individually select all the various layers. It would save heaps of time just to surround the objects by clicking and dragging the V tool around the objects you want.

Make sense?
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2019-11-14 16:25:11

Yep, that makes perfect sense and I've just replied to your other thread — apologies for missing it earlier!