Ability to disable stroke smoothing

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2019-12-03 19:08:30

As reported in the Bugs forum, I'm quite dismayed that the stroke tool forces smoothing when calculating a layer's contours. This means that you can't accurately stroke a layer, but are instead only able to create a pseudo-outline, depending on the size of the layer.

There really needs to be a way to disable this, for any tool that applies smoothing like this.

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2019-12-03 19:15:10

Addendum: Being able to selectively enable/disable this kind of line-smoothing when dealing with a non-rectangular marching-ants selection would be very nice too.
It would be good to see a pixel-accurate selection when working with small images.
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2019-12-04 13:53:12

As noted in this thread, this can certainly be considered a bug, so we'll file it as such. As for disabling selection tool edge smoothing — that's more of a feature request and I've added it to our list!