Presets from Priime Styles in Pixelmator Pro

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2019-12-19 11:54:42

Surely, some people on this forum are probably aware of the really solid presets in an app that goes by the name of
Priime Styles that is available for Mac OS, iPad and iOS

These people also probably know that the Mac OS version of this app has not been updated in ages and it is currently not supported in Apple Photos 5.0 (121.17.170) on Catalina

Since Pixelmator is generally the best graphics application these days, is updated often and has most of the cutting edge features that used to be provided only by Adobe Inc. and the developers of Pixelmator are active on the forums, I'd kindly ask the Pixelmator developers to consider contacting the creators of these particular Priime Styles presets and request that the parameters and licensing for these presets becomes officially available in Pixelmator Pro:

Also, slightly offtopic, yet still within the realm of this inquiry.
I guess that Pixelmator developers have an effectively more direct contact with the developers at Apple, rather than the users in their discussions forum, thus I'd like to ask the Pixelmator developers to point out one matter in a conversation about the Photos app. The question is about making the newly released 3 column view not confined to only the All Photos section, but expanding it to the Albums section, where the images can be arranged in a specific order. Then the official Apple Photos app can easily be used as an Instagram planner. That would alleviate a lot of headaches and frustrations associated with using other slow and bulky tools for these purposes, such as the Mylio app

This is a detailed explanation of the 3 column feature request for the Photos app:
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2019-12-23 11:07:23

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2019-12-27 11:58:10

Apologies, mr.b33tr00t, for the slow reply. We were busy with the ML Super Resolution update and we're now actually taking a few days off for the holidays. But I just can't stay away from this place.

Anyway, I can't promise we'll contact Priime about this but we have an ML Match Colors feature that should, in theory, let you:

1. Apply a preset to a photo in Priime
2. Export that photo
3. Open the unedited version of it in Pixelmator Pro,
4. Choose the Color Adjustments tool
5. Drag and drop the edited photo onto the Tool Options pane to match the colors of the edited photo to the unedited one

We didn't design ML Match Colors to match the colors of photos with identical contents, so this won't necessarily work perfectly but it might do a pretty good job.

As for the Photos feature request — noted, though when it comes to feature requests (and not bugs), we have about as much clout as any regular user.
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2020-02-07 07:11:39

Hi Andrius,

The ML Match Colors feature is great
However it, of course, does not replicate the individual settings that these photographers made in their presets

Please have a look into these particular presets, they really are much more fine tuned than VSCO presets, for example

I will send messages to each of the creators of the presets that are featured in Priime and ask them to make a version of the preset for Pixelmator

Andrius, is there a way that you can be reached privately, such as e-mail or Telegram?
Send a message to me in Telegram, please:

I'd really like to see the Priime presets available within Pixelmator
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2020-02-07 15:57:48

I don't use Telegram but feel free to reach me at Maybe we'll be able to think of something.